JavaScript for React Developers

/ Javascript   • On Youtube By Programming with Mosh

React has become one of the most popular web application frameworks. With it’s support for client side, server side and mobile with React Native, it is one of the best framework out there to learn if you are a developer. React is a JavaScript framework so you should already have some experience with JavaScript to learn React. In this video by Programming with Mosh, you can learn the most essential JavaScript features that are commonly used in React Application building.

Most of these features were introduced in JavaScript ES6, so this video also teaches the essential features of JavaScript ES6.

What’s in the video?

  • Let vs Var vs Const
  • Objects
  • The this Keyword
  • Binding this
  • Arrow Functions
  • Arrow Functions and this
  • Method
  • Object Destructuring
  • Spread Operator
  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Modules
  • Named and Default Exports