React Crash Course 2018

/ ReactJS   • On Youtube By Programming with Mosh

This React Crash Course video by Programming with Mosh, is hands on approach to react js. It is a for the absolute beginner, who have some knowledge of javascript but have no knowledge of react js what so ever. In this tutorial, the presenter will teach you the basics of complete react development lifecycle and basics of all the most common features of the framework.

This tutorial begins with the introduction of React JS and takes you through a process of setting up the development environment. The presenter will teach you the basics of react js development by building a simple application. You will learn to write your components in react js, you will learn about state and props and also life cycle events.

Below is the list of things you will learn in this tutorial.

00:00 Introduction
01:14 What is React
05:48 Setting Up the Development Environment
09:27 Your First React App
16:03 Hello World
22:26 Components
24:06 Setting Up the Project
26:15 Your First React Component
31:38 Specifying Children
35:56 Embedding Expressions
40:49 Setting Attributes
46:36 Rendering Classes Dynamically
50:57 Rendering Lists
54:58 Conditional Rendering
1:01:04 Handling Events
1:03:56 Binding Event Handlers
1:08:34 Updating the State
1:10:51 What Happens When State Changes
1:12:58 Passing Event Arguments
1:17:31 Composing Components
1:21:18 Passing Data to Components
1:24:31 Passing Children
1:27:44 Debugging React Apps
1:31:55 Props vs State
1:34:22 Raising and Handling Events
1:39:16 Updating the State
1:43:57 Single Source of Truth
1:47:55 Removing the Local State
1:54:44 Multiple Components in Sync
2:00:39 Lifting the State Up
2:06:18 Stateless Functional Components
2:08:49 Destructuring Arguments
2:10:52 Lifecycle Hooks
2:12:32 Mounting Phase
2:18:09 Updating Phase
2:22:31 Unmounting Phase

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