JavaScript for React Developers

React has become one of the most popular web application frameworks. With it’s support for client side, server side and mobile with React Native, it is one of the best framework out there to learn if you are a developer. React is a JavaScript framework so you should already have some experience with JavaScript to learn React. In this video by Programming with Mosh, you can learn the most essential JavaScript features that are commonly used in React Application building.

React Native – Intro Course for Beginners

eact Native is a popular hybrid framework for building cross-platform mobile applications. With React Native, you can use JavaScript to build mobile applications that run natively on Android and iOS. This video is an introductory video for React Native for absolute beginners which you will learn what React Native is, how to setup and build a simple calculator app.

Jest Crash Course – Unit Testing in JavaScript

In this Javascript testing video by Traversy Media, you will get to learn the basics of unit testing in Javascript using Jest testing library. This is for developers who are fairly new to testing and jest framework. You will learn to setup Jest, learn to work with different matchers as well as test async code. Finally you will also learn to run functions before and after different tests.

React Crash Course 2018

This React Crash Course video by Programming with Mosh, is hands on approach to react js. It is a for the absolute beginner, who have some knowledge of javascript but have no knowledge of react js what so ever. In this tutorial, the presenter will teach you the basics of complete react development lifecycle and basics of all the most common features of the framework.